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Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
activist peter yarrow, one third of peter, paul & mary. then we will turn to a conversation with grammy winner india.arie about the first cd she has released in years called "songversation." both of them will perform tonight. we are glad you joined us for a conversation with peter yarrow and india.arie, coming up right now. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. has alwaysr yarrow believed music can change lives for the better. musicians made sure they were there when it came time to stand up for justice. they were there 50 years ago this summer for a march on washington, and just last month he put together a concert for sandy hook elementary school families. he has a new book based on one of the trio's most beloved songs, india.arie --"i'm in love with a big blue frog." let's take a look at peter, paul & mary singing "i'm in love with a big blue frog" from their 20th anniversary concert. >> ♪ i'm in love with the big lou frog, a big blue frog loves me ♪ worknow we can make things ♪ ♪ here. paul was noel was here not too long ago. gr
Dec 5, 2013 12:00am PST
good point. we didn't know. brown, aoduced by paul legendary jazz producer. we all looked at each other and said, let's pray this works. the do we agreed to doing the album, but here are four soloists not used to playing with saxophone players. in high school we all played in a big band, but it had been years since we had to blend with another saxophone player. the first track was a classic. we all put our horns up and hit record. >> let's hear a clip. ♪ >> these great or infection parts. -- these great section hearts. tom scott who did arrangements for everybody from michael , allon to paul mccartney the steely dan's stuff, so we had great arrangers doing the arrangements, so when we put our words to our mouths, we looked at each other and said, i think this is going to work. i am a musicow lover. because there are so many great horn sections and great hits, you could do earth wind and fire and have a great album of horn solos, so how did you figure out what made the cut? you have 12 tracks on here? >> there are 12 tracks. the most difficult aspect of making this. with thenfe
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am PST
luther king, paul robeson, nelson mandela. out of all the people you have been friends with and struggled with, what makes nelson mandela so uniquely different? >> the people i have been privileged to serve, nelson mandela was the one i least suspected i would ever come to me, personally. i tried several times when he was incarcerated, to gain the privilege of visiting him, but the system would not permit that. himarted corresponding with while he was in prison. i had come to be aware of him through my mentor, the man who i most admired, paul robeson. e was very close to king against thewas apartheid system in the early day of its presence in south africa. he was the first black man to ever receive the nobel prize. looking at south africa from that prison, i began to become more aware of what the african national congress was doing, and what the leadership was aspiring to do, to make the decisions that would help us fight the struggle that the south african people were fighting in resisting apartheid. >> is one thing to work alongside dr. king, but with regards to nelson mandela
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3